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Brother all your criticisms are correct yet you leave out the harm the military becoming all-volunteer has caused.

You also leave out the part that with the defeat of the USSR our mil/tech-industrial complex has become more bloated and expensive than the worse of governmental inefficiencies.

While civilian companies have the ability to be faster at times it is only because Republican led administrative burdening of the government in the name of “cost” savings strangles the federal governments ability to innovate quickly.

I am not saying civilian innovation isn’t valuable. I am saying civilian innovation currently has the board stacked in its favor and thanks to consolidation now cares more about fleecing Uncle Sam than winning wars.

Worse the contractors such as Palantir who have been successful at reducing costs do so in a way that hand private individuals data that could be used to harm Nat Sec. As a reminder Peter Thiel does not believe democracy and capitalism are compatible!

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