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Paul, Thanks for your informative response. I still think that you are writng with a strong left bent. I may not agreed with everything but I do agree that there is coruption in DC on both sides that is spawned by $$$. Not that it would concern you but I won't unfriend you on FB. We must remember that we are a Republic Democracy and not a true democracy (Of which I am very grateful).

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Thank you again Rusty for the kind response as well. As far as being "unfriended" it would actually have mattered. I take friendship, old, new or otherwise seriously.

As for our Republic, I share your gratitude for it and all the effort that goes into keeping it, if we can. President James Madison worried and for good reason that a direct democracy would end in mob rule. He was right and I am grateful that he not only did the homework on representative government but based on his analysis, fathered our Constitution.

I respect your opinion regarding how you see my writing, despite disagreeing with your conclusion. The fact that you had the moral courage to talk this out respectfully, is a lesson to be heeded for all Americans, regardless of political beliefs, or otherwise.

My kindest regards, to you and yours,


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I admit that I have not read all of your articles so you may have backed up your claims previously. I also do not have time to sift through the other AP articles you refer readers to. I would appreciate if you could site specifics from those articles in the future. I know that when I was in school doing my thesis IO would be penalized for not citing specific information and saying to verify is by reading these articles. The following statements you made seem to be unsupported and biased (maybe not in your circles but in mine).

Russian support for Donald Trump.

I am a true believer in the tenets of our nation and its values. The Trump folks have neither.

Mike Flynn who had the military/ operational control of the assault on our Capital, led the planning, tactics etc.

Flynn also leads an extremist, Christian Nationalism movement that is very similar to the theocracy in Iran (this is crap...Flynn does not rule our nation nor will he ever).

January 6th was just one of the most significant threats stemming from the Trump, far right and Russian collaboration.

…during my youth in the 60s, thru the early 70s, where it was the US left’s extremism, that was the threat to government and its function. (no specifics about the left)

Trump and his cult, control the GOP (calling Trump supporters a cult, does not meet the definition of a cult). This makes the party itself, a threat to the nation, until or if, principled conservatives regain control. (based on your statement here, Tuesday November 8th will be a long night for you and as I read what you are saying, potentially trigger a civil-war)

Stone is infamous and is an admitted, “dirty trickster” with morality on the scale of an ameba. (Stone is pretty slimy) Flynn is a holy warrior operating a movement not unlike ISIS or AQ. (Although you cite an article about Flynn, this article seems to be very biased on its own)

Finally, Russia played an extraordinary role in Trump winning the 2016 election. Despite the massive efforts by right-wing media to discredit this as a “hoax,” they have failed. Their efforts are well-documented in intelligence, research and professional writings, including the five volume report done by the SSCI, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. (How about sharing the excerpts from this report that you think are relevant)

In the Newt Gingrich era, the right engaged in scorched earth politics, heralding an era where it was nearly impossible to cross party lines. (This statement seems very biased and sould be backed up with several examples of how NG’s era was considered scorched earth)

What I am most proud of are those on both sides who have scrupulously adhered to real American values and protected our 2020 election. (Real American Values?)

It’s long overdue that US political parties come under intense public scrutiny. I would even go so far as to say that, any politician who does not support absolute transparency in campaign finance, is failing America’s true values. When money, like all of the other pillars of power are achieved by high political office, only the most insincere and corrupt will run for office. (Agree but this is just opinion) That is not what James Madison, the author of our Constitution envisioned. Many of our founders had their faults, especially by modern standards. What they did not lack was wisdom and the fire within to build something far better for humanity. I am fed up with those who are sworn to uphold those values, using our government as a piggy bank and embracing any set of values, no matter how extreme to maintain power.(Agree but this is just opinion)

Donald Trump and his minions are still that threat. (OPINION) That is irrefutable. (OPINION NOT FACT)

The question is, who among us will demand integrity in November’s election, rather than loyalty to party, over country? (We will find out Tuesday and I don’t think you will be pleased with the results, but the people will speak and Democracy will prevail).

The best way to erode the influence of extremism is for the majority of our citizens to demonstrate at the polls that it’s not acceptable. We also must support accountability for those who attacked and still threaten our republic. We have an extraordinary set of national values bequeathed to us by our founders. (Extraordinary set of national values???) Who will join me in protecting those values in the most American way possible? At the polls. (I will vote)

As a final note and as that this topic is a severe threat (In whose eyes), I would be grateful for any sharing you feel comfortable with. The quickest way to dampen extremism is to remove leadership from office (I’m pretty sure you will see lots of leadership be removed from office). This allows time to rebuild… the American way.

Finally, I do not mean to pick at your articles but it does not seem that you are being fair or objective in your blog. It mostly seems to be an attack on Trump “deplorables” and calling them names. To 35% of Americans that is probably very offensive and won’t influence anyone but make them dig their heels in. You attack FOX News but say nothing about the main-stream media’s bias against all conservatives and double standards in what they choose to report. Unfortunately for our country, the current Democrat leadership’s inept handling of multiple situations including; the COVID Pandemic, the border, lack of support for the police that has led to increased crime, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the inflation crisis, the re-dependency on imported oil, not acknowledging parent’s rights and forcing CRT on children, the attacking of southern heritage, attacking Christian’s and their values, etc. It also seems that the Dem’s have made their own bed by moving so far to the left, in impeaching Trump twice and discounting Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Big Guy’s involvement, the sham of a Jan. 6th Committee.

Finally, I am not a Trump minion. I have never liked Trump and have always though he was a narcissist, and do not agree with his rhetoric but agree with many of his policies. I hope he doesn’t run and the conservatives will find someone else to unite behind.

I submit this response being as respectful as possible. I can’t see things through your eyes, nor you mine. I just want you to know that there are a lot of people that your blog would offend and label it left wing extremism. No matter what may be said I do read some of your posts and respect your opinions and appreciate your facts.

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