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1. National service would fix this. The ultimate equalizer and mixer is mil service, but doesn’t have to be.

Americans First: multiculturalism is great except when it is used to divide and conquer. We need to think critically about how to have one larger narrative that includes morals and ethics that all subcultures value/accept/internalize prioritize over smaller difference. Then we all have to self-police by example, shame or more direct methods. Immigrants are some of our greatest assets despite their demonization.

Narrative is what turns fiction into shared intersubjective truth that as we have seen can outcompete boring objective facts/reality/truth.

Unfortunately a large faction of very powerful people have bought into libertarianism which questions the value of slow messy government/democracy vs the speed of free markets in the development of new technologies/progress. These people see the rule of law as an obstacle not the very foundation of what provides these innovators the safety/resources to function. The move fast break things mentality has been misapplied to certain fields such as medicine and government with terrible consequences.

Cambridge Analytica type technology should not be used in domestic affairs (it creates hyper-polarization, enables disinformation, and ultimately helps adversaries for quick political wins) and should have strong export controls. There are a few particular companies that are particularly problematic because while useful are under the management of people who think Pinochet got it right.

They forget that Mussolini came before Hitler and initially praised Mussolini for saving Europe from the “evils” of communism and the mixing of people from different backgrounds watering down traditional cultures. They also take for granted that unwritten political/societal norms are not just silly “taboos” that can be transgressed without serious second and third order ramifications.

Cesar was enabled by Sulla’s and Pompei’s transgressions, but the optímate and in particular Cato failed to realize this. Also, snubbing new blood to keep old blood in power often ends very poorly, another thing Cato failed to realize. The Republic was great because of its constitution and norms, but times change and progress/change is inevitable people need to feel like their government works for them in any democratic form of government. Marius’s reforms only speed up the process of loyalty to state being transferred to loyalty to generals but the rumblings of people feeling unrepresented were already there. The issue of who was a Citizen and what that meant can not be understate.

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Are you familiar with cromwells rule?

It is what inductivists use as a cudgel against empiricism.

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