Thank you, kindly Rogelio. Yes, the infection of the MAGA era has so many individuals to point out and who deserve to be called out. There's only so much time in the day for me lately. I promise to keep hitting our gangrenous, MAGA-controlled GOP and their enablers with truth. Fake patriotism in their case is treasonous after Trump, Russia and Jan 6.

All my best and apologies for the late response.


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This isn’t a single person endeavor, and am acutely aware of the massive endeavor that needs to get done.

I apologize if I came off a bit sharp, but the energy comes from being in middle ground of transitioning from operator to manager/leader where too many quit because they feel ineffective because they lack access to the levers of power or at least their ears to influence out comes.

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Jul 11, 2023Liked by Paul Cobaugh

Another great article but you have to by name people who need to speak up.

General McKrystals refusal to publicly and relentlessly denounce Flynn is extremely problematic.

Have you read on the psychology of military incompetence?

Great read and unfortunately despite the age of the AAR is still relevant.

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