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Like you I'm following closely, Ireland has had a civil war more recently than America, ours was 1922-23 with ~2k dead. We also had "the Troubles", mainly in Northern Ireland, ~1968-1998 with ~3.5k casualties.

I have some interesting primary oral history regards our Civil War, as well as reading other sources. Multiple leaders during the Civil War did things to reduce enmity, including some who had quite hardline positions on the issues.

This certainly reduced intensity/duration. In America right now, there are too many fanning vicious enmity. The fact remains that more unites than divides the {Conservative movement, and those who vote Dem}.

Certain TV news hosts too thrive on performative enmity, it seems quite lucrative. Similarly certain national politicians do the same.

Perhaps the clear cold facts of J6th will wake people up, peace certainly still has a chance.

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Thank you, Desmond, for these insightful and well-informed comments. What is most important in them is your ability to step back and see the bigger picture. Excellent food for thought and greatly appreciated.

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