Once again, Mr. Cobaugh, you have expertly and precisely defined the very serious problem. And provide suggestions to address/mitigate the problem. I have deep skepticism that somewhere within the morass of DHS there exists a critical mass of sentient beings willing and able to act.

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Thank you for your kind words. Sadly, I'm in agreement re: any notable, prospective changes at this time, within any of the agencies of relevance. DHS for certain. There is though, a hunger across the community to "get in the game." It will require deep courage at leadership positions, to begin moving us forward in any significant manner. The entire community is circling on tired ancient wings, going nowhere and in danger of catastrophic failure.

Like most major changes, this field is not likely to innovate until they're either; all fired or there is a threat so severe that innovation will be required just to survive.

Thank you again for your expert input,


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