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Just as you mentioned your discomfort with the ever-shrinking airline seats, so too should we feel discomfort of a media cycle tailored to a TLDR audience

This is a product of a 24 hour news cycle read off teleprompters by oblivious presenters.

The words spoken bear virtually no depth of knowledge, and are meant for a specific audience. The majority of this audience have little to no ability to apply critical thought, nor any interest in doing so.

Critical thought, and free expression require effort...

I personally don't view what is presented on broadcast news under the category of free speech, but as paid "programming" presented to a self-selected audience prepared to receive that specific message.

What would happen if the views presented disagreed with the audiences' preconceived notions of reality? Well of course, they would change the channel...


Modern broadcast news' primary intent is for entertainment purposes, paid for by a sponsor.

Could this be considered freedom of speech, as protected by the 1st amendment? Possibly.

Could this be considered freedom of thought? Not in my opinion.

So of what use is freedom of speech. without freedom of thought, and the will to apply it critically?

Modern media is based upon programming which is not designed for free thinkers.

Happy New Year :)

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