Sitemap - 2022 - Truth About Threats

Cautious Optimism for 2023

"Peace on Earth", from our hearth to yours

US media, please stop calling the MAGA crowd conservatives

Today is a replay of Dec 7th's article about RWE and Russia

General Winter is fighting for Ukraine

Theocracy and Nationalism are NOT, American values

Reading the news, filtered by credible sources

Revoke Rupert Murdoch's citizenship

Slowing down a bit for the holidays

What a difference a month makes

Welcome home Britney Griner

Transnational RWE, right-wing-extremist threats arrested in Germany

It's not R vs. D in Georgia. It's values vs the absence of them.

DoD must modernize their approach to conflict... and Great Power Competition

A brief weekend Update

We failed to fully heal in 1865...

On the battlefield of influence, the US is unarmed

Domestic Terrorism Threats...

What comes next, after Ukraine wins?

Kevin McCarthy intends to send Congress on Snipe hunts

Kevin McCarthy intends to send Congress on Snipe hunts

Wrapping up a crazy, momentous week

NSS, National Security Strategy objectives with a new Republican House

Thugs, Despots, Dictators and Populists

Russian missiles hitting a NATO member is what we've all held our breath over.

POTUS with Xi and Director Burns/ CIA with his Russian counterpart, in crucial meetings

Veteran's Day, 2022

We can't protect ourselves from mis/ disinformation, until we understand influence

Where do we go from here?

Election Day musings

Musk's Twitter is Hearst and Pulitzer on steroids

Iran, Mike Flynn and MAGA, Christian Nationalists or....

In Texas, it's reality vs. Greg Abbott and conspiracy theories

Putin is starving Ukraine and threatens the world with hunger

It's our values stupid! Not the economy

Next Tuesday, it's Extremism vs. Democracy

Apologies for the confusion

My podcast, hosted by the Lincoln Project and discussing narrative, re: today’s extremist controlled, GOP

My podcast, hosted by the Lincoln Project and discussing narrative, re: today’s extremist controlled, GOP

Influence Operations are centric to every aspect of National Security

Like the nation, moral courage is, what's on the ballot in Texas.

October 15 - 21, in the rearview mirror

The rats are fleeing the ship

Who are we as Americans?

Inflation vs. price-gouging or the real truth

Xi, China and the CCP commit to following the same course

Never again... but how?

Seditious Conspiracy and Armed Rebellion

American values demand Justice from the Conspiracy Theory Crowd

When extremism is on the ballot, America loses

The one thing that the US and allies... must not do to help Ukraine

Failure in the National Security Influence community is habitual

The military calls this, M.O.E., an indicator of the success of Putin's propaganda against the US.

When it comes to Facebook, it's caveat emptor


Fake news is a self-inflicted, near mortal wound for our democracy

Will he, or won't he?

A glance at today's most important National Security news

A political party vs. extremism, is NOT politics

An Update on China as a Threat

Task Force Butler Vets are Patriots.

Fake News is Yellow Journalism 2.0

Yes, our borders are critical to our National Security

Putin “doubles down”

Patriot or Partisan?

America’s strength

WWJD, what would Jesus do?

Trump, is a grave, national security risk

Culture wars

TAT, Launch Day

Modi treats India's democracy and constitution as Trump treated ours in the US.

Right Wing Extremists in Government, LE and the Military... as a threat

The Conversation about Narrative with the inimitable Ron Worman of, The Great Conversation blog and podcast

India, the QUAD, Russia and China

Credible mainstream news reporting

Influence tools, commentary and analysis

Tools to evaluate media

Geo-political research and analysis

Library of Recommendations

Let’s talk about global Unity

POTUS was right...

Putin and Xi play games

Trump apologists, please stop excusing a grave threat to US and allied national security.

How TAT Works

Dugin Backgrounder