Sitemap - 2023 - Truth About Threats

The NRA and the GOP are killing our children for power and profit, in the name of fake patriotism

Like Spring flowers, small blooms of recovery against global, far-right populism

A quick Sunday lesson about putting country over party

Israel is a bellwether of sorts

If you listen to GOP potential candidates like Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott, you will hear Russian, far-right extremist ideology, not American values.

There are precious few, "business ethics" among corporate lobbyists and marketers.

Godzilla's partnership with King Kong?

FOX NEWS is a national security threat.

A lesson about "shaping" the Russian and Ukrainian battlefield.

Combat ineffective, the rusted, broken hulk of US Influence Operations

International Women's Day 2023 campaign theme: #EmbraceEquity

Seeing Xi's China threat, clearly,

Deciphering the daily vomitus BS from Putin

Libertas, Justitia, Veritas

National Resilience to anti-American influence is badly wounded and we're unarmed and flailing.

The state of our American Republic, through the eyes of our founder's words.

Damn near apoplectic over this news

Fake American values are the current GOP's ideology, not real American values. Texas, is the cutting-edge of American, right-wing-extremism.

POTUS throws some serious shade at Putin

We made it... to Friday, PHEW!

Some background for POTUS's address to the nation, about Chinese balloons

Civics or not Civics, that is the question.

Declawing Pooh or... stopping the threat from Xi's global aggression

Tomorrow, a condensed summary to the last two long posts, about Xi's aggression

Part II, Denying Xi, his worst instincts

The roadmap to mitigating Xi’s aggression is called: “Using the BRI as a non-kinetic, Targeting Diagram.

A look at Xi's Narrative of Ascencion, via narrative analysis

Digital Activism, in support of American values, not a political party

How about some context for the war talk surrounding Taiwan

Sorry everyone, having a snow/ ice day here in San Antonio.

There are good reasons for how, what and when we, contribute to Ukraine’s military needs.

Homeland Security Today Magazine's, annual Threat-Cast

Holocaust Remembrance Day

TX politics are a national security threat.

Uh oh... technical difficulties

We must address the global threat of Far-Right, Extremism

Looking at Ukraine, nearly a year from Putin's genocidal invasion

The 118th Congress has 72 Republican Veterans unwilling to fulfil their oaths to the military or their elected office.

Our most severe National Security threat is our failure to protect our true National Identity

The little GOP that cried Wolf

Let’s talk about classified documents… again!

Big oil and Renewable energy are NOT enemies

Last Out & Honoring our Promise

Why I Protest

Ukraine is doing precisely, what the Republican party refuses to do, support democracy

From the frying pan into the fire, the Speaker of the House debacle

To deny Putin popular support at home, we must lead with Narrative Warfare

Happy New Year to one and all