Sitemap - 2023 - Truth About Threats

Freedom of the Press is our right but we should expect truth, not agendas that kill human beings.

Denying Ukraine funding is really the Republican Party supporting Putin and a most dire, national security threat.

From our hearth to yours, Peace on Earth, is my most heartfelt, holiday greeting

J’Accuse... LinkedIn

White Christian Nationalism is the official ideology of the Texas Republican Party.

The real Axis of Evil in the US is Russia, the MAGA controlled GOP and spineless Republican voters, putting party over country.

Mainstream news outlets are borderline antisemitic in their reporting about the war in Gaza.

Three dangerously related national security threats, 1. Putin's genocide, 2. Iran and Hamas' attempts at genocide and 3. the distraction Putin desires from western support for Ukraine.

First of two TAT pieces today

General Winter is fighting for Ukraine

While Gaza catches its breath, time to talk Ukraine again.

I derive no satisfaction from this, "I told you so."

A rare Sunday newsletter but something that must be said... out loud

A very different Thanksgiving this year, both personal and professional

The road to hell, is paved with good intentions.

The US and West are utter failures at Narrative Warfare. It's killing both "sides" in Israel and Gaza.

The Speaker of the House and his MAGA minions = a severe, National Security Threat

Hostile Takeover, North East Independent School District vs. MAGA, PUFF and Moms for Liberty

Cost - Benefit Analysis, the war in Gaza

When we blame countries and terrorist groups for war, don’t forget to blame corporations and Wall Street too!

Mid-week, national security, news round-up

“If it bleeds, it leads”

What the hell is wrong with almost all media reporting on the conflict in Gaza and ignoring the brutality in Ukraine and other nations?

Friday updates

Here's a little something that I posted to LinkedIn after the treasonous vote to elect another traitor as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

A short catch-up on Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and China's hand in Hamas' barbarism for their own selfish purposes. 7th in the series

Has all media, good and bad, forgotten how to report with facts and context?

5th in the series, Israel and Hamas updates.

Three things about the war in Gaza that we all must understand.

Jim "Seditious Conspiracy" Jordan

A quick Sunday update regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in Gaza

Short Friday notes after yesterday's long report on Israel

Let's unpack the complex, barbaric attack on Israel and those to blame.


The Speaker of the House debacle is part of the death phase of the MAGA GOP, and years in the making.

McCarthy's ouster by the MAGA extremists, was predictable for anyone studying the lifecycles of terrorism.

The impeachment hearing today in the House of Representatives, while our budget is going into the toilet... provoked this rant.

Let's catch up a little, on recent Chinese aggression, failures and developments.

Without factoring "brainwashing" into the equation for 2024, we're doomed to another far-right, extremist administration, no matter what pollsters say.

The current, far-right control of a spineless GOP, led by a spineless Speaker of the House, will doom our republic.

Today… here’s the short video of the TV interview at the heart of yesterday’s TAT

A story of my day today, on Polish TV and how it's the right answer to thwart Chinese aggression

When it comes to India under Modi, it's Caveat Emptor

Today, a replay of an article about Kevin McCarthy, from last fall

MAGA is pure blasphemy, pursuing theocracy and the evil adversary of democracy.

The National Constitution

Yes, extremist politics increases the threat to a nation's national security.

My election season’s insights with Reed Galen of THE LINCOLN PROJECT, from the 2022 Midterms.

As we honor those lost on 9-11, let's also mourn that right afterwards, was the last time the USA was unified, against a foreign threat.

Please, let's solve immigration and put an end to the bizarre, false narratives and cruelty of Governors, Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis and the MAGA hordes.

This week's look ahead

Our Founding Fathers were "Woke" and also... radical progressives, for their time.

TAT is officially a year old today.

The Afghanistan withdrawal is not a political football.

Never again... never was.

This week's odds and ends, some personal mixed in with some national security insights.

It’s no longer Liberal vs. Conservative… It’s reality vs detachment from it.

PbA or...Paralysis by Analysis, the insanely expensive and often fruitless contributions to US national security.

My TX congressman is gaslighting us on school security and lots more.

Yesterday’s interview on China and the new Executive Order limiting investment in certain Chinese tech sectors.

Polls can be extremely misleading... and dangerous to democracy.

The Georgia indictments, represent American democracy in the most remarkable way.

Patriotism requires Country over Party.

So, this happened last Wednesday

US National Security means giving Central and South America real attention, and honesty.

The US National Security Community has left us a critical vulnerability in US national security.

Greed, hubris & ignorance and "fake news" are killing our grandchildren's future.

A quick spin, around a few of our most pressing threats, to end the week.

The Trump indictments are also an indictment of the entire party and their donors.

The GOP’s, White Christian Nationalist assault on Public Education, is not only murdering our founding values, but our future.

Can anyone in the National Security community please explain to knowledgeable Americans, why Modi's India, is a trustworthy ally?

Today's TAT is being gratefully interrupted, by the arrival of a new baby in the family.

Texas Travesty

Ukrainian genocide is not enough for Putin. Now… he wishes to starve millions globally, again.

A Five Point Strategy to Oppose Russian Narrative Warfare

If you're sweltering too... look no further than big oil. They and political enablers are to blame

Apology, _________ Acceptance, the missing word is another A word... Atonement

The disgraceful behavior of the Speaker of the House and the GOP, regarding aid to Ukraine

Sorry, no TAT today

“Never cross the streams… it would be bad”

Protecting our nation from Mis and Disinformation, requires true expertise at Ethical Influence

Revisiting the topic of Media, still calling the current version of the GOP… “conservative”

John Roberts’ SCOTUS, is legalizing a Confederacy 2.0

Fourth of July Assessment on the health of our republic

Guest article, by Friend and Narrative Strategies Founder, Dr. Ajit Maan

Putin suffers a coup attempt while I was on vacation

When it comes to Modi’s India… Caveat Emptor

Our third POTUS, “Father of our Constitution” is rolling in his grave with the current GOP and their SCOTUS ideologues, dismantling his work.

Happy 1st day of Summer and… a good day to stop putting up with the BS from SC Justices Alito and Thomas’

A few brief looks at threat related issues, for this week

A slightly different take on Father’s Day

Today’s the day honest Americans have dreamed about. Let’s be graceful “Winners”

Okay principled conservatives, now’s your chance to regain your party, if you have the guts.

Trump’s indictment tosses a hand grenade into the political identity of his supporters

Dear America, I dare you!

Christian Nationalism and theocracy are the antithesis of democracy, not the foundation, as Putin and the US right would have us believe

Christian Nationalism and theocracy are the antithesis of democracy, not the foundation, as Putin and the US right would have us believe

A brief update

Fighting the MAGA crowd in order to protect Public Education.

Those we honor and remember this weekend deserve our commitment to protect, the values they felt worth dying for.

Couldn't let the first anniversary go, without pointing the finger at GOP and NRA

FOX News is an acute, national security threat that the Pentagon and national security community allows to be viewed in offices, bases, ships and commands.

No more excuses that it's too hard to find truth. (It really isn't)

After the end of Title 42, the southern border of Texas is calm.

The US always fights the "last war," instead of the one we're in.

Texas government is the antithesis of patriotic.

RWE, Right-wing-extremists in Dallas, murdering Americans and motivated by Russian, RWE ideology.

Putin’s accusation that Ukraine tried to kill him at the Kremlin is really Narrative Warfare

Please join TAT on “Notes”

Bravo DOJ

Introducing, TaTitos, or little TATs ;)

Let's see where we are with Ukraine, as we ease into Spring offensives and maybe even Russian counter-offensives.

DeSantis vs. the embodiment of the American dream

Extremism and violent extremism, in the US Military and greater National Security community.

A few closing thoughts to the FOX settlement and they aren't pretty.

Join me on Notes

The 21-year-old airman and the vulnerability of chatrooms. Also, why Greg Abbott is making our border more insecure.

Without a core, shared, national identity, there is no national security.

Hyper partisanship will sink our Republic, especially when one side has fully abandoned honesty, integrity and morality.

Weekly roundup of threat issues, through the lens of US values

The US National Security community is incapable of managing mis/ disinformation threats

Calling a man-eating tiger, a kitty, won't help you after the tiger eats you.

Let's get this straight about Trump's indictment, before news media screws it up... again.

The NRA and the GOP are killing our children for power and profit, in the name of fake patriotism

Like Spring flowers, small blooms of recovery against global, far-right populism

A quick Sunday lesson about putting country over party

Israel is a bellwether of sorts

If you listen to GOP potential candidates like Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott, you will hear Russian, far-right extremist ideology, not American values.

There are precious few, "business ethics" among corporate lobbyists and marketers.

Godzilla's partnership with King Kong?

FOX NEWS is a national security threat.

A lesson about "shaping" the Russian and Ukrainian battlefield.

Combat ineffective, the rusted, broken hulk of US Influence Operations

International Women's Day 2023 campaign theme: #EmbraceEquity

Seeing Xi's China threat, clearly,

Deciphering the daily vomitus BS from Putin

Libertas, Justitia, Veritas

National Resilience to anti-American influence is badly wounded and we're unarmed and flailing.

The state of our American Republic, through the eyes and words of our founders

Damn near apoplectic over this news

Fake American values are the current GOP's ideology, not real American values. Texas, is the cutting-edge of American, right-wing-extremism.

POTUS throws some serious shade at Putin

We made it... to Friday, PHEW!

Some background for POTUS's address to the nation, about Chinese balloons

Civics or not Civics, that is the question.

Declawing Pooh or... stopping the threat from Xi's global aggression

Tomorrow, a condensed summary to the last two long posts, about Xi's aggression

Part II, Denying Xi, his worst instincts

Part I: The roadmap to mitigating Xi’s aggression is called: “Using the BRI as a non-kinetic, Targeting Diagram.

A look at Xi's Narrative of Ascencion, via narrative analysis

Digital Activism, in support of American values, not a political party

How about some context for the war talk surrounding Taiwan

Sorry everyone, having a snow/ ice day here in San Antonio.

There are good reasons for how, what and when we, contribute to Ukraine’s military needs.

Homeland Security Today Magazine's, annual Threat-Cast

Holocaust Remembrance Day

TX politics are a national security threat.

Uh oh... technical difficulties

We must address the global threat of Far-Right, Extremism

Looking at Ukraine, nearly a year from Putin's genocidal invasion

The 118th Congress has 72 Republican Veterans unwilling to fulfil their oaths to the military or their elected office.

Our most severe National Security threat is our failure to protect our true National Identity

The little GOP that cried Wolf

Let’s talk about classified documents… again!

Big oil and Renewable energy are NOT enemies

Last Out & Honoring our Promise

Why I Protest

Ukraine is doing precisely, what the Republican party refuses to do, support democracy

From the frying pan into the fire, the Speaker of the House debacle

To deny Putin popular support at home, we must lead with Narrative Warfare

Happy New Year to one and all