Sitemap - 2024 - Truth About Threats

Oligarchy and its evil offspring... price-gouging

A first woman president?

President Biden was right, we're in a battle for the "soul of our nation."

Hate is not an American value, especially within the political landscape.

Feeding frenzy of MAGA red meat: Republican attempt to assassinate Trump, Espionage Charges dropped and Project 2025

Fit for Office... the media assassination of a president

Project 2025; part cheerleading, part war plan and all, bullets of BS, aimed at the heart of American Democracy.

GOP voters will support Trump... no matter what.

This 2023 Fourth of July Assessment on the health of our republic has not aged well

SCOTUS just stood in the middle of the street and shot the constitution, and nothing can be done about it.

Catching up after a mostly off week

Update for yesterday's TAT. It now includes the link to the interview discussed.

Today's TVP interview about the Russian and N. Korean pact, and how it fits into the new Axis of Evil Threat

Our 2024 election isn't politics, it's a new, Civil War

Time for a TAT update, on the war (s) in Israel

A Flag Day, Army birthday and Father’s Day letter to my readers

A history lesson about true American values, not the fake patriotism of the MAGA/ GOP

Oh, where oh where have Texas GOP patriots gone?

A different story about D-Day and WW II

The BS about BS... Border Security

J'Accuse our National Security community for influence, of putting our Republic, at significant risk.

A small but critical part of last Thursday's essay.

Grandkids are coming a day early... This will be a very brief report today ;)

Runoff election day here in TX... or, reality TV, Part II

Please reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day, as you enjoy your long weekend

Arrogance, waste fraud and abuse and cronyism in national defense contracting, are putting our republic at severe risk.

Today's TAT, interrupted by a water main leak and a writer too muddy to type. Back tomorrow...

Iran, the Axis of Evil's role in campus protests and their support of genocide

A few updates on threats, plus some good news, via Argentina

Replay of: Our Founding Fathers were "Woke" and also... radical progressives, for their time.

In honor of Teacher appreciation week... I'll replay this essay along with some very positive updates: Hostile Takeover, North East Independent School District vs. MAGA, PUFF and Moms for Liberty

Don't go all in on the Gaza cease fire, just yet.

An appropriate replay of this essay on Yom HaShoah: Never again... never was.

Protests and protesters: honorable intent or a product of foreign and domestic malign influence?

Oligarchy + Media = Hyper Partisanship, Hyper Partisanship = the death of the Republic.

Replaying this essay regarding, how that DHS, the FBI and the National Security Community, are still failing us at a critical period of our history.

Gaza protests are emblematic of willful tunnel vision... on all sides.

Let's look at the recently passed Aid packages for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and more.

A critical Sunday replay, regarding protecting American voters from mis/ disinformation and hostile narratives.

Big oil, oligarchy, and the threat they pose to US and global security.

The GOP in the House of Representatives... Do they actually own a spine, let alone a moral one?

Tehran's attack on Israel, through a wider lens

Today I replay one of 18 essays I wrote re: the war in Gaza. Tomorrow... I unpack last night's, insane, Iranian attack on Israel

Time to replay this essay on price-gouging vs. inflation and oligarchy

The do-nothing GOP in Congress is not only a failure, but a threat to the Republic.

A short and dire warning for those who use LinkedIn

Unrestricted Social Media platforms are a severe threat to the US/ NATO and all democracy.

The truth about the Southern border the GOP won't tell you, and that the left is incapable of effectively narrating.

We are all a work in progress.

The MAGA GOP through the lens of terrorist lifecycle analysis

Oligarchy is an acute threat to democracy

In Latin America, our adversaries are playing chess while the US national security community, plays checkers.

Who are we as Americans?

What is Christian Nationalism and why it is a threat to democracy?

The most dangerous narratives to American democracy this election year

Time for an honest update on the war in Gaza

The GOP supporting Putin, is really the GOP supporting Xi, Iran, N. Korea and BRICS.

The Texas Republican Party, reality show.

To the MAGA controlled GOP, "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

Someone must tell the Emperor that he's not wearing any clothes

Are Journalism ethics really a thing?

Hey there FBI and DHS, this is for you

We live in a Democratic Republic. Here's a great tip for making it work for you.

Swelce, the Border and the GOP, all linked by Russian/ Far-right Narrative Warfare

My guest spot on SpyTalk, with the inimitable goat of national security and intelligence reporting, Jeff Stein.

Inspired Patriotism

Cray cray over Tay Tay, the newest MAGA faux outrage. Defense of being a Swifty ;)

It's not Inflation, its price-gouging by corporate Oligarchs, who are also, the largest campaign donors.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff about our Southern Border.

MAGA's sellout of America and Western democracy

Considering this week's news, it is time to replay this TAT piece from last Nov.

India under Modi... friend or foe?

LATAM, Argentina and global security.

Texas has Seceded from the Union... again.

The Western corporate community is undermining US and Western National Security

A brief roundup today, of the most pressing threats in our headlines through the lens of some of my most inspiring, favorite quotes.

An Explainer; US and UK attacks on the Houthis

The GOP fiddles while America burns

A unique twist on the recent report, Evaluating Extremism in the US Military

Being a Republican today, doesn’t make you a Conservative

TAT’s New Year’s resolutions, 2024…